5 Netflix Kids Movies That Introduce Preschoolers To Sports #NetflixKids

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My family and I have been Netflix subscribers for years now. We watch our favorite movies and TV shows at home and on-the-go by streaming to our television and mobile devices. While screen time is a treat for Danger, it’s wonderful that when she watches movies, she can also learn!

Netflix Kids Sports

This February is both American Heart Month and the host month of the Winter Olympic Games, making it the perfect opportunity to learn more about staying healthy and active. Whether you are a Team Mom or a mom with active children, there are a lot of great titles on Netflix that help introduce children to important aspects of good sportsmanship, daily practice, and dedication to a healthy lifestyle. 

5 Netflix Kids Movies That Introduce Preschoolers To Sports

  1. Super WHY!: The Tortoise and the Hare
  2. Curious George: George Gets a Trophy
  3. Bob the Builder: The Bobblesberg Winter Games
  4. Angelina Ballerina: In the Wings
  5. Caillou: Caillou Gets Active

Many families tuned in to this month’s Winter Olympic Games for real-life inspiration. It was the perfect opportunity to discuss teamwork, the human body, sportsmanship, and the importance of daily practice!

You can keep the conversation going long after the Olympics have ended by watching the movies above on Netflix. Just remember to add in a few questions and plenty of encouragement as your child discovers new ways to be active.

Is your child involved in sports? What sports movie is your family favorite? 

As a member of the Netflix Stream Team, I will receive compensation for sharing content with you on this site. All opinions come from my personal experiences with Netflix over the past 8 years (and counting!)  


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30 Responses to 5 Netflix Kids Movies That Introduce Preschoolers To Sports #NetflixKids

  1. We love Netflix in our house. We actually just watched The Sandlot the other day – another sports movie that’s a classic for kids.

  2. Awesome round up. All those movies look great for kids!

  3. Jessica says:

    My daughter LOVES Netflix and mommy loves the parental controls. She enjoys watching My Little Pony + Angelina Ballerina. Their selection is awesome too.

  4. The minute you mention sports, I know my Grandson would be there in front of the TV watching it for hours. He loves sports of any kind.

  5. My nephew LOVES Curious George and Bob the Builder. He gets to watch those a lot because they are at least semi-educational.

  6. I remember Angelina Ballerina books from when I was a kid. They also had Super Why on in the prep room when REd had surgery, so now we have been exposed to that, too. Cute grouping.

  7. Netflix is awesome! The kids get their shows and we like to watch the new releases.

  8. we are not a sports family, but with my newest, who is to say that won’t change? We love all those movies that you mentioned above!

  9. Jenn says:

    These look like really great programs, thank you for the recommendations! I am always looking for something new for the niece and nephew when they come over!

  10. sippycupmom says:

    These are some great finds! My son will be starting baseball soon so I’m going to find him something to watch.

  11. Shell says:

    My boys play a lot of sports. They like the Air Bud movies and the Mighty Ducks movies.

  12. sgrcom says:

    Netflix is our own TV type of entertainment these days. Sawyer loves Curious George and Caillou. Though he’s not old enough for team sports yet, he loves playing soccer and hitting a baseball off his tee!

  13. Liz Mays says:

    I didn’t realize some of those were sports themed. I’m all over the Curious George one then!

  14. My kids love soccer! After the Olympics though my son is now into hockey and luge!

  15. toni says:

    All my kids are involved in sports. My boys both play soccer and my daughter is a cheerleader and in gymnastics. We love watching the Olympics

  16. Myrah Duque says:

    I won’t know of these since my daughter is a teenager now, but good to know so I can present to my nephews who are at that age and are sports fanatics just like their dad!

  17. We watch most of these on NetFlix usually. We cancelled cable a long time ago and only use NetFlix as well as a digital antenna for TV

  18. We’re huge Netflix fans, but I didn’t realize that they had sports related shows! Little Man loves Bob the Builder, Curious George and Super WHY!

  19. Rosey says:

    That is a fun way to introduce kids to the love of sports. We’re sports nuts in my house. :)

  20. mommye says:

    We have Netflix and these are some of the shows my son watches. I love Netflix and have been a customer for over 2 years now.

  21. This look like some fun movies. While it’s not for little kids, we love Rudy as a sports-related movie.

  22. We love Netflix. My son adores Caillou, but I’m not a fan. I love when he watches SuperWhy though :-)

  23. You selected three of my boys absolute favorites Caillou, Super Why and Curious George! Netflix is aweome, so many movies and shows all in one place.

  24. Krystal says:

    I’ve seen every episode of Calliou I think…haha! We stream it on Netflix!

  25. I love Netflix; I always say t owes me nothing! My daughter and I recently did a book to movie night. I will be catching up with Breaking Bad and kung fu!

  26. Ashley M says:

    My daughter loves ALL of these titles but because she is a dancer she likes Angelina Ballerina best.

  27. I cannot get my 20 month old and 4 year old kids to stop obsessing about Cailou! They want to watch “Cai” every chance they get!

  28. My son gets obsessed about tv-shows. And after few years of Caillou, and Bob the Builder, and Curious George, I’m happy to say I don’t need to watch them anymore. Great shows, very educational and well done, I recomend them to everyone. But not in my house, not anymore.

  29. Debbie L. says:

    Caleb who is 13 plays basketball but none of the others are interested in playing sports.

  30. I’ve been reading a lot about Netflix and their great range of shows… i like that they offer this opportunity to teach kids too… great move.

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