My Fitness Challenge With ZonePerfect

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This is supposed to be about my new year’s resolution to get in shape and lose weight. Instead, this is my wake-up call to be healthy, and I’m inviting you along on the journey.

You see, I’ve realized something. I’m not healthy. Not really. I eat convenient foods – to the point where my meals sometimes consist of cookies and coffee. There’s pretty much no nutrition in that, and no, I don’t take a multivitamin.

I also don’t exercise. Just the thought of a plank or a squat sends me rummaging through the kitchen to find the last of the Halloween candy that those darn trick-or-treaters left behind.

I am fairly certain that my unhealthy choices will catch up to me one day, maybe in the form of high blood pressure or diabetes, and that really scares me. I want to be fit so that I can have a long and healthy life. I want to be present for my daughter for as long as possible, and also not be a burden to her with my poor health. And yes, it would be nice to feel more comfortable in my cute clothes!

So I’m getting fit. 

I’ve teamed up with ZonePerfect to challenge myself to make better choices this year, because good health starts at home. It’s not only about the exercise or the stretching, but also about what I choose to fuel my body with. I’m making the conscious decision to swap out unhealthy snacks and meals with healthier ones. Instead of coffee and a sleeve of chocolate chip cookies, I get to enjoy coffee and a ZonePerfect Fudge Graham bar, which is not only packed with the things my body needs but also tastes delicious!

I spent the month of January making small changes to my lifestyle, and guess what? I’ve already lost three pounds! These are some of the small changes that have helped me to feel better in my body:

  • Eliminate junk foods
  • Exercise for 15 minutes most days (usually squats and pushing hard against a wall)
  • Replace unhealthy meal choices with ZonePerfect nutrition bars

I’ll be sharing a bit of my motivation and lifestyle changes with you on the blog, but I also want to hear from you:

What motivates you to be a better you?  

I’m partnering up with ZonePerfect to share my fitness journey with the readers of the Classic Mommy blog. Although I’ve received sample products, I am free to comment about ZonePerfect in any way that I see fit.  

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Autumn Bradshaw is an award-winning creative writer that now focuses on parenting, family travel, and life in the Atlanta area. When she’s not writing on the Classic Mommy blog or contributing to other established sites, she carves out time to provide social media consulting services to small businesses in the Greater Atlanta area. She has worked with a number of brands across multiple industries to successfully promote products and focus the social media outreach for events and travel destinations, including a well-known baby product brand and the city of Kissimmee, FL, among others. While her writing is often focused on the places, products, and events that aim to make life easier and more enjoyable for parents, she is able to write about a wide breadth of topics, including technology, travel, and political science. Autumn is proud to be an Atlanta Mommy Blogger!
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36 Responses to My Fitness Challenge With ZonePerfect

  1. I do a 15 minute Boot Camp workout which work perfect for me. I think most of us can find 15 minutes in our day to exercise.

  2. I have started making healthier food choices but have had zero exercise since the beginning of the year. Thanks for the reminder that I need to get moving!

  3. I’ve been working out with a trainer and eating healthier. Healthy goals are important!

  4. I workout for at least an hour every day and I eat right. It’s not easy, but I lost a lot of weight and I have to keep it off.

  5. I made lifestyle change about 8 years ago and have stuck to it: clean eating at least 90 minutes of exercise 5 days a week and drink lots of water. It isn’t always easy but the good habits grow on you and it eventually just becomes second nature

  6. Theresa says:

    I try to work out every day, but some days it impossible. As long as I stick with a few days a week, I feel that I am doing alright health wise. It’s when I miss a week or more then I really start to kick myself!

  7. I really need to get fit too! I hate exercise but I am tired of not being able to do fun outdoorsy things like bike riding and hiking!

  8. Shell says:

    Convenience foods are my downfall. I’ve been doing a better job this year at eating better and exercising, but I still have some changes to make.

  9. My kids motivate me to be better. On Jan 1 my husband and I became pescatarians – we haven’t eaten any red meat since then. We’re trying to eat more fresh vegetables and cut our carb intake as well.

  10. I’m all about convenience foods, too! I’m waiting for the all clear (aka, using it as an excuse) to start getting moving again. Well, that and sleeping for more than 4 hours!

  11. Awesome that you are making changes! I really need to start working out.

  12. The way I feel and the way my clothes fit are two motivators for me to try to be healthier. Plus my family.

  13. I hear ya, especially with meals consisting of cookies and coffee. I vowed to get healthier in 2014 and part of that means eating more. I don’t eat enough…it’s what I do eat though that gets me into trouble. That, and lack of exercise.

  14. Liz Mays says:

    I think a long life motivates me. I want to be around to spend time with my kids as long as possible and their kids whenever they have them!

  15. Rosey says:

    I think it’s good that you’re thinking about long-term health goals. That’s a huge step in motivation, I think! I do my workouts first thing in the morning before I do ANYTHING else. If I don’t, it won’t get done.

  16. Debbie L. says:

    I have really been slacking with my healthy routine :( I have got to get back to it. I blame the weather being so cold and snowy. But it is me!

  17. optimisticcourtney says:

    I definitely feel you on ‘convenient’ foods! I have been wanting to change my habits, though. This week I have been drinking more water, which is more than I was doing before!

  18. i think you and i have a lot in common on the food thing. i have started exercising- i hate it, every single time, but i’m glad its over when i’m done. i keep hoping that my hatred of it makes me burn extra calories LOL

  19. Paige says:

    I want to get more fit this year too! Hopefully, we will both succeed!

  20. My motivation came only a year ago. I thought I was doing fine, a little thick around the middle but I was happy so I let it go. Then I realized I was out of breath after playing in the yard with my 4 year old. Not good. So I decided to get back to the gym – not just for me, but for him too.

  21. Im on the right track to get more fit this year. I need to be healthy for the family as well.

  22. We are making changes here as well. I’ve been snacking more on Zone Perfect bars because they keep me fuller longer than other choices. That way, I eat less and stay within my calorie goals!

  23. Krystal says:

    The idea of living a long and healthy life to spend time with my son motivates me to get healthy. I have a long way to go though.

  24. Ashley M says:

    One of my worst problems is not eating on a regular schedule. I also need to start working out more often it makes me feel much better.

  25. Eliz Frank says:

    Zoneperfect sounds great. I need to start eating earlier to help settle my stomach and then pace my work outs.

  26. Piera Jolly says:

    Good for you! I have finally found something that works for me. Low calories and exercise. Just keep it simple and be patient. Thats what I have learned.

  27. A Mom's Take says:

    I am motivated when I’m having fun. Like exercise disguised as play. We love to go rock climbing.

  28. I saw a great workout that goes in 10 minute intervals. I am looking forward to loosing this baby weight

  29. Chrysa says:

    I just feel better all around when I’m active and that’s what motivates me. God luck with your journey!

  30. Good luck on your journey! It is so hard to take off the weight; yet so easy to pack it on!

  31. Amanda Love says:

    Sounds like you have your plan in place. I try and exercise a bit every day as well but I do need to start eating healthier.

  32. Lolo says:

    My family motivates me to make a better me.

  33. April says:

    I started this year trying to get fit. Yoga has become a part of my life and I have been eating healthier. I was doing the same thing- coffee and whatever was convenient. Trying to better my body and lower my cholesterol!

  34. I’ve started writing up weekly goals and each week I have some healthy living goals like being in bed before 10 on 4 nights or exercising 30 minutes or more 5 days. It varies by week, but it has helped to break it down into smaller more manageable goals!

  35. I need to get better about motivating myself to exercise more. I have a goal that I want to hit before this time next year but I need to get off my butt and start moving to that goal!

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