8 Things You Need To Fight The Flu

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It’s flu season in Atlanta, and we all know what that means: It’s time to hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife, and hide yo’ husband cause they infecting everyone out here! The flu is pretty much the worst illness to catch at ANY time of year, but especially at the beginning of a new year. My family and I spent the beginning of 2014 snuggled up in bed with the flu, and it was awful.

Now that we are starting to get back to normal – finally! – I thought it would be nice to share with you the must-have products that got us through our week of torture. Because let’s face it: flu sucks. Find the list below, and make sure to check out the CDC site for updated flu information. Stay healthy, friends!

8 Things You Need To Fight The Flu

8 Must-Have Products To Fight The Flu 

  1. FIJI Water – This water didn’t aggravate our sore throats like plain filtered tap water, which helped us to drink what we needed to get healthy.
  2. Ricola Natural Herb Cough Drops – These drops soothe sore throats caused by excessive coughing. You will cough. Might as well have relief.
  3. CARMEX Moisture Plus – This balm moisturizes dry lips, and boy, will your lips be dry!
  4. Netflix subscription – And an addicting show to get you through bed rest. We watched the entire Weeds series, partly because we just couldn’t do anything else.
  5. Campbell’s Hearty Chicken Noodle Soup – Delicious and filling and probably the only thing you’ll be able to eat for a few days…  
  6. Scott bathroom tissue – This tissue is great for wiping runny noses! It doesn’t leave behind residue and doesn’t have a strange scent, either.
  7. h2O+ eye OASIS – This moisturizing stick has a cooling effect, and it helped ‘wake up’ my tired eyes. I pretty much have it with me at all times, but it was especially helpful during my illness.
  8. A forehead thermometer – You won’t want to use anything else! It’s fast, simple, and very accurate – not to mention super comfortable!

What are your flu-fighting must-haves?

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26 Responses to 8 Things You Need To Fight The Flu

  1. Haha, the Nextflix subscription was my favorite thing on the list :) And I totally agree by the way!

  2. Janel says:

    I agree with your list of essentials, but totally laughed out loud when I read Netflix! Yes!! Definitely need something to do when you’re too tired to do anything but too bored in bed.

  3. Netflix or Hulu is a must when I am sick! Lots of bed rest:)

  4. brett says:

    LOL. yes. something to distract. and
    WASH YOUR HANDS!! hand soap!

  5. I feel awful today. I hope it isn’t the flu!

  6. A fabulous list. We just got our paws on a forehead thermometer and I threw out all our other ones. It was very accurate and much more sanitary!!

  7. gaynycdad says:

    I love this list, esp. the Netflix part! I would also add zinc lozenges and black elderberry extract, trust me with that!

  8. We survived the flu this year, with only our 3 year old getting it. I’m so glad the newborn didn’t get it from him!! Our must haves were Boogie Wipes, “marshmallow cereal” (Lucky Charms – it’s all he wanted), Chap Stick, and Pediasure.

  9. adoseofpaige says:

    We’ve been sick for a few days now and i agree with all of these! Another tip is for everyone to wash their hands as much as possible.This helps keep all the germs off surfaces and that way, when everyone starts feeling better, no one has to go around disinfecting everything!

  10. Netflix is perfect for just lying in bed miserably! I always have Carmex and Ricola at hand as well. Oh, soup too!

  11. Shell says:

    I like Ricola when I’m sick, too. I’d add herbal tea with lemon to your list.

  12. Melissa says:

    This is a great list! I definitely agree with Netflix!

  13. Felicia says:

    Yes to the Netflix subscription! All I would want to do is lie around and watch Hallmark!

  14. Jaime says:

    I agree with all of the above. ;) I got my flu shot a couple of weeks ago – a little late – and I’m just hoping and praying I don’t get it! Netflix would be at the top of my “must-have” list.

  15. I LOVE your ideas! Ricola cough drops and Netflix are seriously the top two things on my list when I am not feeling well. I could eat them all day, like candy!

  16. Ashley says:

    I don’t think you can survive the flu without something like a netflix subscription! It’s so tough when everyone’s sick, this is a great list of how to fight the flu.

  17. All items are awesome for being sick!! Thank the lord fro Netflix! LOL

  18. Lolo says:

    I like that you added Netflix to your list. Great time to catch up on shows!

  19. you forgot a Pillow so you can rest :) . I’m a sit around and do nothing kind of person when I’m sick

  20. Last time I had the flu, I laid in bed allll day which was no fun at all! I wish I could relocate most of this list today!

  21. Ashley M says:

    We love our forehead thermometer. It’s nice to keep a sick baby from getting more upset by trying to get their temp via other methods.

  22. Thank you for sharing these tips! I never thought about drinking bottled water instead of tap when I am sick. I hope our filtered water system does the trick!

  23. April says:

    Great list! And cute post! I agree, the Netflix subscription is my favorite thing on the list!

  24. These are definitely some great things to have if you have the flu! I’ve been wanting to try out a forehead theromemeter… they sound so convenient!

  25. Stefani says:

    Great list of essentials. I have quite a few of them already!

  26. kim says:

    Your list is great – my husband swears he’s getting the flu so I’ll be sure to have Neflix on!!

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