Mommy, Am I Beautiful?

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Like most little girls, Danger has an appreciation for makeup. She sees Mommy wear it for special events, and heck, even some of her favorite dolls and cartoon characters have perfectly painted faces. It really shouldn’t have surprised me to walk in on her with makeup caked on her face. It has happened before – and will most certainly happen again.

This is what I walked in on: 

Little Girl Makeup

At my approach, she grinned apprehensively, as though she was proud of what she’d accomplished yet still needed my approval. I always try to give encouragement when I can, so I fixed a warm smile on my face in return.

Streaks of black glitter spread across her eyelids and cheeks. This should have been so easy. I could have told her she looked beautiful. After all, she thought she was doing something glamorous. Girl+Makeup=Fancy, right?

Instead, I told her that I liked how creative she was, how it was really great that she wasn’t afraid to use color and try new things. I didn’t want the message to be, “You look so beautiful with your makeup on.” I wanted it to be, “You are awesome because you are not afraid to be yourself – bold colors outside of the typical lines and all.”

She doesn’t need to fit someone else’s standards of beauty. She only needs to be confident in herself. And if I can help her to develop the type of body confidence that overcomes insecure peers and airbrushed models, then that is what I will try my best to do.

When did it become so hard to raise little girls? 

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19 Responses to Mommy, Am I Beautiful?

  1. That’s a great message. I think it’s sad that people are so concerned about what others think of them!

  2. adoseofpaige says:

    Oh my gosh she looks so cute!! I think it’s cool that you let her play with makeup. :) It certainly helps creativity!

  3. brett says:

    she looks awesome. i like how you responded, too!!

  4. How adorable. I miss the days when my daughter would do things like that. They are so much fun when they’re young.

  5. I love your response. Teaching girls that beauty isn’t everything is such a hard thing in today’s society. For the record, she looks adorable and darn proud of herself. :)

  6. Kita Bryant says:

    Great response to that. I tell my kids to dare to be different

  7. A PERFECT answer – so quick, so right. I love it! And she’s so proud, too!

  8. I think I’m happy to have boys lol. I don’t wear makeup so I wouldn’t know how to help or encourage!

  9. LOL! My 4 year old did the VERY same thing today, and ended up looking like a clown!

  10. What a little doll!! My boys watch me put make-up on so they pretend to sometimes…I love being a mom!

  11. Shell says:

    So funny and cute! My boys have played in my make up, when they were younger. Now, they say it’s “girl stuff” and leave it alone.

  12. sweetsavant says:

    My goodness how adorable! My daughter is 13 now and is rarely interested in dressing up and wearing makeup. I don’t wear makeup every day and she knows its just for fun, neither of us “need” it.

  13. Oh, that is so cute!! I love your way of approaching it too.

  14. It is definitely something all Moms are aware of – our daughters want to be like us. I’ve found myself wearing less makeup and being a little less worried about being all doll’d up every day. On the days I do put some on, my boys are quick to tell me they like me better without it and my daughter, she’s taking notes and watching Mom. Sounds like you’re doing a great job. Keep it up!

  15. Hilarious! I love her personality that shines right through there pictures. My girls are always wanting to be like momma too and I’ll enjoy it while I can before they become teens and will probably change the way they think.

  16. Stefani says:

    What a cutie. I have 3 daughters and have went through lots of makeup stages.

  17. Thats a great message! I have to try very hard when I stumble upon moments like that. LOL

  18. Ashley M says:

    I have walked into those same instance with my daughter. It broke my heart to hear her think that makeup = beautiful especially when I work so hard to complement and foster all of the other qualities I love about her.

  19. My almost five year old daughter is constantly challenging me. I love how you responded.

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