Save Money On Groceries With Kroger’s New Lower Prices! #KrogerLowPrices

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I recently had the opportunity to tour a local Atlanta Kroger store and speak with representatives about all of the new changes taking place at Kroger. To make feeding a family more budget-friendly, Kroger has slashed prices on thousands of items across the store. Look for the new signage throughout the stores to see the low prices, promotional items, and other perks of being a Kroger customer.

Fuel For Your Family, Fuel For Your Car

One thing that we absolutely love about Kroger is having the opportunity to earn Fuel Points just by shopping for groceries, gift cards, and even prescription medications at Kroger. They are currently running a promotion where customers can earn 4x the Fuel Points just by purchasing a gift card from one of the many retailers showcased at Kroger. For instance, if you purchase a $25 gift card to The Children’s Place, you will earn 100 Fuel Points to use at the Kroger gas pumps. Pretty sweet deal, isn’t it? 

Kroger Fuel Points

How To Find Savings At Kroger

Kroger has introduced an app that makes it even easier to find savings. You can search for deals and coupons from the Kroger Mobile App and the coupons can be added to your Kroger Plus card so that you don’t have to print or clip an actual coupon. This is a really great service for those of us that have a hard time keeping up with coupons and sales flyers!

Kroger Low Prices

Kroger will stop doubling coupons effective September 22, 2013. While this has shocked many of the avid couponers on the internet, Kroger’s representatives did market research that led them to believe that this was the right thing to do. For instance, did you know that out of the 25 million people that shop at Kroger, only 8 percent of those shoppers use coupons? Out of those 8 percent, only half double coupons. Kroger decided to do what the bulk of their customers asked for instead: lower prices all around. That’s something I can stand behind!

Go Green With Kroger!

My family and I try to choose as many organic or natural foods as possible when grocery shopping. We really like that Kroger has added so many new products in this category to their stores. What used to be just a small section on one aisle has now expanded to include over 4,000 items, ranging from all-natural meats to dairy and even packaged goods. The Simple Truth line of products are not only delicious but nutritious, and they are just one line of products that Kroger carries throughout the store.

Kroger Simple Truth

What changes are you most looking forward to seeing at your local Kroger? 

I was compensated for this article as part of a promotional program with Kroger. All opinions come from my own personal experiences in the store, and were not influenced or purchased. 

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  1. Ugh, Danger is so cute it kills me! I’ll have to say, the cutting of double coupons would hardly affect our family – most coupons that we use are over 55 cents, anyway, We tried a bunch of the Simple Truth foods and they were pretty good!

  2. Katherine G says:

    This is great!! Your baby girl is so pretty!!

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