Welcome, Princess Merida! Disney’s 11th Princess Claims Her Title At #DisneySMMoms

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What is it about Disney’s Princess Merida that brings out such strong feelings in the younger set? Is it her BRAVEry, her independence, or simply that fabulous curly red hair that entices so many girls to champion Team Merida?

Whatever it is, Princess Merida is a force that has no intention of slipping into the typical soft-spoken, dainty princess mold that is all too common in the fairytale genre. Yes, this princess is fierce, and she can save herself!

Disney Princess Merida

We had the incredible opportunity to attend Merida’s Royal Celebration at Disney’s Magic Kingdom on May 11. The celebration started off with special entertainment from Sophia Grace and Rosie (famous for singing and dancing their way into our hearts through the Ellen Show), and ended with Princess Merida accepting the title that is so rightfully hers in the company of the other ten princesses of the Disney Royal Court. 

Some of us showed our appreciation for the new princess by donning curly red wigs…

Princess Merida Wig …and others by taking hundreds of pictures of the Disney Royal Court, in the hopes of getting that ONE perfect picture of all 11 Disney Princesses. I’m fairly happy with this one, although I’ll admit that there are quite a few more that I haven’t even viewed (yet!):

All 11 Disney Princesses

However you decide to celebrate, one thing is for certain: this strong, feisty, and independent redhead is here to stay. And that, my friends, is something girls of all ages can be excited about.

As an attendee of this invite-only event, I received complimentary items, special discounts and other benefits, such as food and entertainment, from the event organizers. All opinions shared in this article come from the careful consideration of my own personal experiences, and were not purchased or influenced in any way. 

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14 Responses to Welcome, Princess Merida! Disney’s 11th Princess Claims Her Title At #DisneySMMoms

  1. Oh the picture of your daughter in her wig… so adorable! It was such an amazing time, wasn’t it?

  2. Wow! You did get a great group shot of the princesses!
    I still haven’t shared the grown ups wearing the wig yet, but Danger rocked it!

  3. Love that shot you got of the princesses. Oh your daughter is so cute as a red-head. It goes with her dress too. :)

  4. Katherine G says:

    I think Merida is an excellent choice as a Disney Princess. She is beautiful!!! I loved the movie Brave.

  5. She’s rocking that wig. How fun!

  6. thebizymommy says:

    Ha! Love the wig! What a fun experience for your family, I know my younger ones would be telling me everyday about that time we went to see Merida. :)

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