Let’s Get Social!

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I am so very thankful for every single one of you that stop by to read my little blog. You are the reason that I continue to share my thoughts, and you have blessed me with such an incredible community – something that I’ve craved ever since becoming a parent.

It’s nice to share the scary, the disgusting, and the sad things that I’ve experienced as Classic Mommy… but I enjoy sharing the happy, the beautiful, and the exciting with you even more!

Get Social!

I’m curious: How did you find my blog? Are we interacting on Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? Google+?

Did we meet in college, or highschool, or in passing at a local Atlanta event?

Or are you simply here to see pics of my sweet little Danger? (Yeah, the “sweetheart” that informed me that I was not invited to DisneySMMoms, but rather it was she that was invited to this event because media people always seem to remember her for some reason)…

Would you mind sharing the story of how we met, so that I can get a better idea of my efforts across various social media platforms? I would love to get to know you better so that I can continue to provide information and insight into things that mean the most to you.

While I started blogging as a way to keep my family informed with my pregnancy and early months of parenting little Danger from across the country, I soon realized that what I wanted the most was a community to interact with. You are my community, and you are awesome! Thank you!

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2 Responses to Let’s Get Social!

  1. I found you through someone elses page from Georgia Social Media Mom. This is a great question to ask people. I find most of my blogs through other blogs that I visit I usually go to their comments section once a week and pick two new blogs to comment on. I only add to my reader if they comment back. I hate to be picky but I can’t have my reader filled up with blogs that don’t show any type of love back. You don’t have to comment on every post but at least once a week that’s all I ask. I don’t think I follow you on twitter as of yet but I do follow on instagram and facebook.

  2. I think we met first at the Graco car seat event last October! I love reading about you and Danger!

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